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Tape to mp3
The times are progressing, tape drives or tape Repeater has been gradually eliminated. If you still love these tapes inside, but unfortunately there were no tape players or embarrassed with an ancient tape machine, how to do? Here, we introduce one of the most easy-to-use software MP3 Sound Recorder to you and elaborate conversion method.
The necessary equipment :
  1) with headphone output jack tape audio tape recorder (recorders, tape machines can read).
  2) Windows 98 operating system over the computer with sound card.
  3) both sides are stereo headset plugs audio transcription Line (General Electric shop on sale).
  4) MP3 Sound Recorder software (downloading site, see bottom of page).

  Equipment connected very simple, with only audio tape transcripts will be the headphone jack audio tape recorder and the computer sound card LINE IN input jack even on it.
  Furthermore, in order to guarantee the quality of conversion, the best cotton swab with alcohol scrub audio tape recorder tape about the head, the conditions can be addressed to the head Consumers degaussing, richer sound clearer.
  Then MP3 Sound Recorder software installation, and operation of the software, there will be a cassette-like interface, see figure 1.
MP3 Sound Recorder
           Figure 1
Figure 1 below the screen recorders were six buttons.
(1) saving the file directory set up
(2) recording
(3) recording and suspended
(4) Audio Control set
(5) showing Queue
(6) parameter setting
First, hits (4) Audio Control settings, based on two plans to choose line input images.

           Figure 2

           Figure 3
Second, hits (6) parameter settings based on Figure 3 picture set parameters.
Third, using audio tape transcripts will be the headphone jack audio tape recorder and the computer sound card LINE IN input jack connections, will tape Add tape players (tape Repeater), and play.
Fourth, hits (2) recording. Appeared as shown in Figure 4 pictures, sound recording began. Then, open the computer speakers can be heard by the transcription of the contents. Note : tape player headphone output to the appropriate volume, not too small or too big to maintain Figure 4 Time column below Level instructions of the green, yellow, red-thirds.
Fifth, the recording process, Click on the map No. 4 left suspended a button recording 4 Click on the map to the left button to stop a final recording.

            Figure 4
Upon completion of recording, you will get an MP3 file, after what you want players will wear. How kind, the simple and rapid approach it. Click here to enter the "downloading MP3 Sound Recorder software.

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